Frequently Asked Questions


1. What kind of materials do you use?


My first criteria is quality.  I list the materials used for each item. I want the result to be something you will be proud to wear.



2. I saw a piece in a magazine that I like. Can you design something like it?


Yes! I can match the design using quality materials, and modifying it to your individual preferences. The result is often a small fraction of the cost of commercial or mass-produced items. I was able to reproduce one beaded necklace that had a price over $4,000 for under $100.



3. I have some old broken jewelry that I want to use again. Can you help?


Very often I can take items like this from the bottom of the jewelry box and transform them into stunning pieces.  I can also combine different jewelry and merge them into a special piece.


4. There's a dress I have that I can't find anything to match. What can you do?

I can suggest a color and design that will perfectly complement what you have. Let me design something that will please you.


5. My son/daughter is getting married. Can you create something special for this?


Absolutely! I've provided everything from necklaces and earrings for the bride and bridesmaids, to custom commemorative bracelets with the date and other special charms that are as unique as the person wearing it.



6. Do you offer gift certificates?



Yes - they can be for any amount and have no expiration date.




7. What if I should break or damage an item i get from GloryBeads?



I will repair it typically at no charge, occasionally with a nominal charge for the materials needed to restore it. 


8. What if I want to return or exchange a purchase?



Returns can be accepted within 30 days of purchase for credit toward a different item. No cash refunds provided.



If you have any other questions, see the Contact page to call or email me.  Thank you!




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